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soulight started this conversation

Here is a page that lists almost 30 clinics in Indiana that provide free and sliding scale dental assistance. There are links for each clinic to provide more information.




This is the official Indiana Oral Health page :









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barbiecakes808   in reply to Raychol
See my reply to Anonymous.... there's information that may be of help to you too.
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barbiecakes808   in reply to Anonymous
"Emergency Dental" /"Volunteer Dentistry "
Look up 'emergency financial assistance" (or )"emergency dental assistance ("type in" what ever type of assistance you need on the computer the name of the area you live in. "usually several organizations pop up . I know that Most States have "emergency dental " and will pull teeth in need of being pulled. Specially if you have an abscess (or) the gums are infected. This is a long shot ,but some States ( not all states) have some kind of "Volunteer Dentistry " program where Dentist donate their time to fix teeth of those who are ; disabled,elderly,medically compromised,and those who can't afford treatment ,nor get public aid. These programs are for those who otherwise would not be able to afford dental . Also Most States have a Catholic Charities , and Salvation Army, and other local organizations/foundations that may be of help and if not you can ask if they are able to refer you to an organization or program that can.
Hope this help .

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I took what little bit of money I had put away for bills to my dentist. This is what he told me: I have infected teeth. I have thirty teeth that have to be removed from my mouth. The infection has spread throughout my body, and it is effecting my jaw muscles. I cannot open my mouth all the way. It hurts to chew food, yawn, talk, and brush my teeth. I have no money for medicine much less surgery. I need help
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im a single mom and my teeth are really bad i was homless when i was pregnet and after i got on me feet i gave birth to my daughter then 2 years later i was told i had cervical cancer and i need surgery but i was pregnet agian so they had to wait till i gave birth to treat it after i gave birth i put the baby up for adoption i had the surgey and now im ok but my teeth toke a hit with the meds i was on and now that im on unemploment i make to much for the stat to help and i am sick becouse of my teeth dose any one have any ideal what i need to do i have tried every thing sent letters to the gov and to the health department but they tell me i need to get dental insurance and i can not afford it
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