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I took what little bit of money I had put away for bills to my dentist. This is what he told me: I have infected teeth. I have thirty teeth that have to be removed from my mouth. The infection has spread throughout my body, and it is effecting my jaw muscles. I cannot open my mouth all the way. It hurts to chew food, yawn, talk, and brush my teeth. I have no money for medicine much less surgery. I need help
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im a single mom and my teeth are really bad i was homless when i was pregnet and after i got on me feet i gave birth to my daughter then 2 years later i was told i had cervical cancer and i need surgery but i was pregnet agian so they had to wait till i gave birth to treat it after i gave birth i put the baby up for adoption i had the surgey and now im ok but my teeth toke a hit with the meds i was on and now that im on unemploment i make to much for the stat to help and i am sick becouse of my teeth dose any one have any ideal what i need to do i have tried every thing sent letters to the gov and to the health department but they tell me i need to get dental insurance and i can not afford it
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